Sea Salt

Real sea salt leaves all the minerals intact, it is slightly grey and a lot moister than refined salt. Table salt has undergone a refining process where as many as 82 trace minerals and essential macro-nutrients are forcibly removed.

Filtered Water

Clean water is essential for production of cultured foods. Filtered water is used throughout the facilities.

Whey Protein Concentrate

A high quality whey protein concentrate is imported from New Zealand. A remarkable protein food that is itself predigested during processing and highly bioavailable. This ingredient is often used for body builders’ supplements. New Zealand Milk Product’s whey protein concentrates (WPC), manufactured by a highly efficient process for treating whey, are highly functional ingredients and range in protein content from 50 to 90%. They provide a superior source of protein.

Soy Compound

FG Roberts’ Soy Compound is a blend of Soy (with its isoflavones and lecithin intact), Malt and Lactose.

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