A.G.M. Foods starts with the finest ingredients available to produce an outstanding range of products. The majority of ingredients are sourced in Australia with Organic being an extremely high priority. Sometimes imported ingredients must be used when they cannot be sourced in Australia and these supplies are thoroughly investigated to be assured of quality.

Absolutely none of our ingredients are from genetically modified or engineered sources.


More on Organic

A.G.M.’s fermentation process has been certified as organic with OFC- Organic Food Chain. This means A.G.M.’s cultures are naturally produced and are definitely not genetically modified.

What is Organic & Biodynamic

Organic Agriculture is about farming without the addition of artificial chemicals whilst proactively managing the biologically-based farming system to prevent pest and disease problems whilst achieving optimum yields. Artificial chemicals are chemically processed or manufactured inputs and not allowed under the national standard. Rock phosphate is acceptable on an organic farm for example, but superphosphate is not. Only natural chemicals allowed within the national standards for organic production can be used on organic farms. These chemicals are generally naturally-occurring and are friendly to soil organic levels and soil biological activity.

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