Along with nuts, cereals and pulses, seeds contain protein. They are also a good source of vitamin E and the B vitamins, as well as dietary fibre.

Alfalfa Seed

Alfalfa (family: Leguminosae), the pea family, is a perennial flowering plant, Medicago sativa, also called lucerne.

Good source of vitamin B1, B2, Niacin, Calcium, iron, and is an excellent source of protein. Alfalfa seed has a percentage protein by weight of 35% as opposed to lean beef which has a 28% protein by weight.

Sesame Seeds

sesame-seedsSesame is classified as Sesamum indicum.

History tells us that sesame seed is the first recorded seasoning, dating back to 3000 BC Assyria. It grows widely in India and throughout the Orient. The seeds were brought to America by African slaves, who called it benné (pronounced behn-nee) seed, and it subsequently became very popular in Southern cooking. These tiny, flat seeds come in shades of brown, red and black, but those most commonly found are a pale grayish-ivory.

Sesame seed has a nutty, slightly sweet flavor that makes it versatile enough for use in baked goods such as breads, pastries, cakes and cookies, in confections like the Middle Eastern ‘halva’ and in salads and other savory dishes. Sesame seeds contain vitamin E and calcium.

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